Our Story

Jose Dreamed of OYE.

J Balvin is our co-founder and Chief Dream Officer. From the streets of Medellin to Silicon Valley, local radio stations to the world’s largest stages, Jose is our partner in purpose, helping us all to dream big, listen, and grow together.

Mario and Patrick lead the team

Neighborhood pals from Pacifica, California, Mario and Patrick co-founded OYE with Jose and journalist Isaac Lee. Together, they channel their experience in social entrepreneurship, culture, and tech to help OYE grow with care.

Carlos, Jose’s therapist, leads our wellness council

One of the leading therapists and researchers in Latin America, Carlos has personally guided Jose through his journey towards emotional wellness, creativity, and impact. Now he’s channeling his expertise toward helping people feel better, and get better at feeling, with OYE.

Together, we’re feeling into the future.

Our small but mighty team is leading with curiosity into new worlds of wellness. If you’re interested in joining us, please check out our careers page.

Mario Chamorro


Patrick Dowd

United States

Mari Serra

Head of Wellness,

Ana María Moreno

Head of Product,

Era Antiló

Director of Communications,

Paula Durán

Director of Partnerships

Vivi Molina

Operations Lead,

Dani Escalante

Communications Lead,

Our values

We strive to make partnership, imagination, and listening part of everything that we do. We are trying to help the world feel better by creating products, content, and experiences that bring valuable wellness practices from the margins to the mainstream of everyday life.

Let’s Connect

If you’re interested in advancing OYE’s purpose as a team member, freelancer, or partner, please be in touch. We’d love to hear from you: hola@oye.co