OYE Creators

Every artist is a healer, every healer is an artist.

OYE Creators transform feelings into creative energy that changes lives. Sound like you?

Become an OYE creator

Your creativity can help the world feel better.

We seek Latinx bilingual artists, musicians, healers, feelers, TikTok reelers, animators, and visionaries who have developed innovative ways to help people feel better, embody their creativity, and become the future.

This is the place to let it all out.

Wellness doesn’t have to look one way – it can look like something completely new, created by you, with inspiration from your life, your community, and your dreams.

OYE helps you to share with trust.

OYE creators receive guidance from the OYE Wellness Council to ensure that their content is grounded in practice, informed by science, and effective at reaching next-gen audiences.

Let’s bring creative wellness to life.

We are looking for Latinx bilingual creators who have experience in one or more of the following practices:

1. Transform feelings into creative energy.
2. Unfolding human potential.
3. Feeling better, embodying creativity, and becoming co-creators of new realities.

    Gracias for being amazing.
    Gracias for sharing your vision with us.
    Gracias for being you.

    We look forward to reviewing what you shared and will be in touch in the coming months if we see any immediate collaboration opportunities. In the meantime, have a wonderful day.